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e-Forms (electronic forms) are the quickest and easiest way to process real estate transactions; and as a GKAR Member, you have access to two platforms that will make any transaction as simple as can be. As a GKAR Member, you have access to e-forms through dotloop and zipForm Plus (by zipLogix) as part of your Member Benefits.


dotloop Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the dotloop invitation code when I'm adding the Association to my account?
Instructions and all necessary codes to add the Association to your dotloop account will be found above. Select Add the Association to Your dotloop Account to open a PDF guide.

2. Can dotloop be accessed through the MLS under Products?
Yes; you can find dotloop in the Menu of flexmls.

3. Can I add more than one client to a document for signatures?
Yes, you can add as many as you need. If the document has room at the bottom of the page, you are able to add as many signature/initial lines as needed.

4. Do clients need to take turns signing? 
No, two clients can sign a document at the same time on different computers. There is no need to set an order of signatures unless desired.

5. Does the client have to use their own email or can multiple clients use the same email address? 
Each client will need their own email. At no time will dotloop allow separate clients to sign or use the same email address.

6. Is there an app for my phone?
Yes! You are able to view and work with transactions on the dotloop app just as you would on a computer.

7. How do I delete something from a loop?
On dotloop there is no "delete." If you would like to remove a document or transaction, you will choose to "archive" it instead.

8. How long are documents or transactions stored on dotloop?
dotloop will host your transactions for seven (7) years. This is accessible to you as the agent or the client.

9. Can I add my property with the MLS number?
Yes, on dotloop you have the ability to look up a property with the MLS number or address. The first time you search with an MLS number it will ask for an "agent code;" this is asking for your k number.

10. Are we getting rid of ziplogix? 
No, you will have the choice as a brokerage or agent to use either zipLogix (zipForm) or dotloop.

11. dotloop is asking for my Member ID; what is that?
Your Member ID is your K # (i.e. K123456). Enter your K # to connect the MLS to your dotloop account.